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Top Job Searching Techniques in a Tough Job Market – Easy Job Hunting Tips For You

Getting hired is all about applying spot-on job searching techniques and not just about mulling around the job market. Find excellent tips and tricks on how to do it right and get employers calling you back!

Having job searching techniques down to a science does not guarantee you a spot in corporate America. You have to nail excellent job searching techniques to cut yourself above the rest, especially if you just came out of school and have high hopes of competing against other seasoned professionals with years of experience and excellent job searching techniques of their own that they have practiced since forever. So you see, the stakes are higher now and if you do not bring your A game and a big bag of job searching techniques along with you, you may be in for a lot of trouble.

But having said that, it does not mean that you do not stand a chance. It only means that you have to work hard on your job searching techniques to see to it that you give yourself all of the advantage that you can take, coming into the job market which resembles a warzone most of the time. To steer you in the right direction, here are some fantastic job searching techniques for you to sharpen your saw and see better results in your ongoing job hunt.

First, remember that research still counts big time. One of the best job searching techniques out there is really simple. It is to not be lazy because if you are lazy, it is unlikely anything good will happen to you. It is nice to think of jobs as apples that can fall on you accidentally under the tree but that is just it, it is only in your mind and it does not happen in real life, for normal people anyway.

What you have to do to see things through is find out everything you need to know about the career that you plan on scoring and the industry itself. This is called informational interview and there are tons of resources for this like professionals in your fields, books, even companies themselves, hiring or not. Ask them questions like what kind of experiences or skills are being looked for in an applicant? What are the most important personal characteristics for success in the field or what opportunities are there for advacement? Things like what a typical day is like and what are the ups and downs of the industry or job will certainly take you a long way. For one, it will show you as a very smart, eager, and driven applicant, excellent job searching techniques for sure.

Another cool job searching techniques include test driving a career. Have you ever heard of such job searching techniques? Well it is really important if you are still wondering what you really want to do with your life and what kind of job is really perfect for you. This is one of those job searching techniques that involves looking for maternity leave positions, ride alongs, or job shadows. What isn ice about these thigs is that they are non committal, shorter, and they give you insights on what an industry is really like. You might think this is not valid job searching techniques but it is too if you consider the bigger picture.

Lastly, exude confidence. This is one of those rocking job searching techniques that you should never let go of, no matter where you are in your career. This is one of those job searching techniques particularly important for fresh graduates too because really if you think little of yourself the hiring manager will see that and nobody wants to hire someone who lacks faith in himself or herself so if there is one job searching techniques you should breathe and live, being confident has got to be it.

5 Secrets To a Successful Local Job Search – Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes Job Hunters Make

Make good things come out of your local job search by avoiding these 5 mistakes that thousands of job seekers make every day. Follow the tips that follow and bring all the success there is to your local job search today!

It seems more and more people are joining the local job search everyday and there are no signs of it slowing down. As it is, it is important to make your local job search productive and effective to put all of your energies and efforts in the right basket. However, even when it has been said over and over, there are many who still commit the same, most common local job search mistakes and as a result, their ticket back to the work force gets delayed and delayed. Do yourself a big favour and follow these tips to avoid the biggest local job search mistakes out there and maybe end your job hunting day a little differently than yesterday!

  1. Passing the opportunity to be in the zone. One of the most common local job search mistakes is keeping your options limited. For instance, there are those local job search applicants who apply to one position and completely wait it out before finding another opportunity in case of a rejection. Here is the thing, you are wasting a lot of time where you could have been more active in your local job search! If you get the interview, it does not automatically mean getting an offer, so while the wheels have yet to turn in one prospect, the best thing to do is keep moving and continue with the local job search with other companies and openings. The worst thing that can come out of this is you'd have to decide between offers in the end!
  2. Taking job descriptions sourly. This is a very common local job search mistake entry level people often make. When they see job descriptions, they are very quick to turn their nose up on it once they realize it is not an offer for their dream job or when they find out they do not have all of the qualifications needed. While it is wise to know what your skills are worth, there is also a lot of wisdom in going for interviews because it gives you good experience. Being flexible is the key to a successful local job search. Going around like you are some mummy in a terrible cast is surely not the way to local job search gold.
  3. Doing a thank you note overkill, or worst, not sending a thank you note at all. A thank you note is your last chance to remind the hiring manager of your brilliance and while it can be easy to go overboard, it is a must to not come across as desperate with the thank you note. Keep it simple, fresh, and not well thought out of. Make your thank you note perfect for the local job search by keeping it short and sweet, around four to eight sentences only.
  4. Adding references without any weight. You have to assume that the hiring managers will contact the references that you write in your resume so make sure you pre-screen them to avoid disasters. The last thing you want on your local job search is for a reference to say something bad about you. It is best to write former employers or managers, and while the occasional colleague is okay, make sure you do not go in filling the reference section with your friends who cannot do anything to help you land the position you are after in the local job search.
  5. Having a bad attitude. There is no excuse for a bad attitude no matter how hard the local job search becomes and hiring managers spot this easily so make sure you surround yourself with a positive energy to fuel your local job search to success!